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Gay Gordons London was inaugurated in London, 22nd October 2005 to offer Scottish Country Dancing to the LGBT community and their friends.

We are a co-operative run by a steering group, and encourage our members to take part in organinsing events whether it be a social, a picnic in the park, a dance or ceilidh.

We offer a warm welcome to everyone. All we ask is that if you come to one of our classes or Annual Dance & Ceilidhs, that you are happy to dance with everyone, be it man with man, woman with woman, or man with woman. We dance together and being non gender specific we use the terms Leader and Follower.

Gay Gordons London have given demonstrations in London, Brighton, Truro, Ediburgh, Belfast Northern Ireland, and in Rome, Italy. Many of these in Pride Parades and in events for the LGBT community.

We have given a number of performances at the Gay Ceilidhs in the Assembly Rooms Edinburgh, as well as at our own Ceilidhs, and at our Dance Weeks at Laurieston, in Dumfries & Galloway, including other venues, such as performances at The Harpenden Highland Gathering, Walk for Life, and at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, on stage at DUCKIE !

We are truly International and have members from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Greece, Slovenia, the USA and Canada.
You don't have to be Scottish!!!

As well as Gay Gordons London, idependent Gay Gordon branches have been subsequently formed in Manchester and in Edinburgh.

in 2012, Gay Gordons London, together with Gay Gordons Edinburgh and Gay Gordons Manchester were affiliated to the Royal Society of Scottish Country Dancing (RSCDS).


A Scottish Country Dance Club for the London LGBT community & their friends.

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